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Buyer Benfits

Learn about what you unlock with your vehicle purchase at Kruse Motors!

The car buying experience goes beyond the day you drive off the lot. The journey of car ownership is how Kruse Motors separates itself from the competition. You unlock valuable rewards and benefits that save you a great amount of time and money when you purchase from us! There's a reason most of our business comes from referrals - our customers are satisfied again and again! Experience it for yourself, and learn about what buyer benefits you unlock with your next vehicle purchase at Kruse Motors:

Walk In Service

Walk In Service

Does your vehicle need some TLC? No worries! Kruse Motors welcomes walk-in service, ensuring you get the expert care you deserve without the wait. Swing by today and let us keep your ride running smoothly!

Free Pick-Up & Delivery Service

Free Pick-Up & Delivery Service

Worried about getting your vehicle serviced with your busy schedule? We get it! Kruse Motors offers FREE Pick-Up and Delivery for all vehicles serviced with us! Just mention it to your service advisor when scheduling your next appointment!

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Free Oil For Life Program

Enjoy FREE oil on us for the life of your vehicle when you buy from Kruse Motors!

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Want a completely online car shopping experience? Kruse Motors is happy to offer, "Krusen2U", our online shopping experience!