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"Kruse" into the School Year: Why Getting a New Car is a Smart Back-to-School Move

Aug 11, 2023 - 1 minute read

an apple, crayons, and pencils are on a green chalkboard with the words back to school written on it

As summer nears to a close and as the back-to-school season dawns on us, the excitement and anticipation in the air is thick. Here at Kruse Motors, we understand that it's a time of fresh beginnings, new challenges, and of course, a return to the bustling routines of school and extracurriculars . Among the flurry of preparations, have you stopped and considered how your vehicle will perform? At Kruse Motors, were to help you why this “back-to-school season” could be the perfect opportunity to explore the option of a brand new vehicle!

The school year means a return to busy routines/schedules, and having a reliable means of transportation is essential. Students, miles going to and from campus will start to add up, epically if you live out of town. Commuting from neighboring towns such as Minneota, Milroy, Slayton, Tracy, Montevideo will add on lots of bulk mileage to ones vehicle. Imagine cruising to classes without the worry of any breakdowns, issues, or delays. The peace of mind offered from a new car from Kruse Motors will ensure you're always on time and ready to conquer the day.

From carrying textbooks and gym gear to road-tripping with friends on weekends, a new vehicle offers the flexibility a student needs. Here at Kruse Motors, we have a wide selection of vehicles to fit any students needs or desires. Vehicles with ample cargo space, versatile seating options, and modern design ensure you're always prepared for whatever the school year has in store.

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